About Us

About Us

We are a spontaneously organised group of Hungarian-European citizens living in Berlin, who think it is time that the EU’s institutions and leaders step up actively in protection of the Union’s common future, against the anti-democratic pursuits of the autocratic Hungarian government.

The mission of Freie Ungarische Botschaft is the restoration of rule of law and the creation of a solidary society in Hungary from abroad. The organisation treats diversity in its own work as a value, and represents responsibility, critical thinking, democracy and solidarity.

During our work, we keep the emergence of the above virtues in our minds.

Our story

In the April of 2017, some Hungarians in Berlin have decided to actively step up in protection of the rule of law in Hungary, hence, they have founded the organisation called Freie Ungarische Botschaft (Free Hungarian Embassy).

The group operates on a voluntary and independent basis. Since the founding, it has grown and is working on a number of projects.

Our Work

Our projects are centered around the realisation of three main goals:

Political Pressuring

Our goal is, that the German and European decision-makers take efficient steps to restore the Hungarian rule of law and to restraint nationalist populism, that is threatening Europe.

Support of NGOs

The measures of the Orbán-regime make the functioning of Hungarian NGOs impossible, therefore, we financially support the work of organisations in accordance with our goals.


These goals can only be realised with joint work. We would like to cooperate with as many individuals and organisations that agree with our values as possible.