Puppet-play video series

If the creation of an oppressive mafia-state was possible after the fall and on the ruins of the totalitarian systems of the 20th century, in the European Union, decisively with its financing and its stock – and industrial investments, and if Orbán can instrumentalise refugees or the EU or anything, as totalitarian systems did, and if he can degrade the Hungarian parliament into a puppet-show, then we play with puppets!

Part 1: Representative-watch 
There is already a representative-watching site in Germany, the FUB is trying to create one in Hungary too. Here, one can ask questions from the representatives and during the campaign period, the candidates, as we have done before the EP elections. From the 41 questionees, 21 answered, then someone got the idea, that politicians are puppets, and we have a puppeteer in FUB. Warning, a Hungarian youngster controls German politicians!