Home Ground – C as Corruption

07/04/2019 | LOLA was here, Berlin

What can we do for the transparent operations of the Hungarian state? Discussion with Sándor Léderer, the co-founder and managing director of the C-Monitor.

We were talking about the Hungarian corruption, the procurement (seemingly open bid for various investments) the personal assets reports, the political parties financial contradictions, the corrupted and tax-based financed database of the press, the various but efficient lobbying of different interests and how to shape the political view on the above mentioned issues.

The C-Monitor has been struggling for transparency and accountability of spending state revenues, and for eliminating corruption. This organization since 2007, works  to create a socio-political environment which nurtures state institutes investigations and penalizing corruption, whilst the citizens reject corruption. 

The moderator of this discussion was Dóra Diseri Hungarian journalist, living in Berlin and employed by “n-ost” Netzwerk für Osteurpaberichterstattung.