I vote here! Waiting for the results of the national election. What will be the outcome?

2018.04.08. | Marie-Antoinette, Berlin

We gathered to wait for the final results of the Hungarian election.

Can the FIDESZ (the governing party) maintain the absolute majority or the the opponent parties were able to mobilize successfully the passive (non-voting) groups of the society? How the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán re-shaped our country? Why the opponent parties could not resist? If the FIDESZ wins how the EU would react to the surviving illiberal democracy?

Our invited guests were Kalr-Olaf Lang (Stiftung Wissenschaft Politik), Sugárka Stelaff (NDR), Kata Katz (FUB).

Moderator: Judith Langowski (Tagesspiegel).

The event was also supported by the European Alternatives  and the n-ost.