Hoffnung statt Konsum 2023

With our seventh Verschenke Hoffnung statt Konsum! – Christmas Fundraising Action, we are once again supporting the work of a Hungarian NGO. This way, we would also like to express our solidarity with the civil society in Hungary, which has been targeted by the government in the past years. This year again, we have chosen an organisation that we consider to be a pioneer for its creative solutions to the structural deficiencies of the Hungarian social safety net.

This time we are supporting the organisation Van Helyed! alapítvány – You Belong! Foundation, which was founded 10 years ago and operates in Ózd (north-eastern Hungary) and Budapest. The foundation’s leader (Kriszta Bódis: psychologist, documentarist, writer) has been working among the deeply impoverished for 25 years.

Within the Van Helyed – You Belong! Foundation’s framework, she built up the You Belong System which provides underprivileged, mostly Roma people with a life track instead of a forced track.

Take part in our Fundraising Action, support Van Helyed! alapítvány – You Belong! Foundation and give hope!

What are we collecting for?

We would like to support the Foundation’s Christmas event, so that as many families in need as possible can receive a gift package, who otherwise would not have anything this year…

🎁 For a donation of €5, you can help buy a child in need a Christmas present – perhaps the first of their life…

🎁🎁 A €10 donation will also buy a gift for a sibling

🎁🎁🎁 With €20 you can give a gift to a family of four

🎁🎁🎁🎁 The sky’s the limit – we want as many people as possible to receive something – anything – this Christmas…

How can you help?


Important! Please make sure to add “FUB” in the comment box.


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