Hoffnung statt Konsum 2021

With our fifth christmas fundraising campaign, we are once again supporting the work of a Hungarian NGO. This way, we would also like to express our solidarity with the civil society in Hungary, which has been targeted by the government in the past years. This year again, we have chosen an organisation that we consider to be a pioneer for its creative solutions to the structural deficiencies of the Hungarian social safety net.

The Kaptár Daycare Center plans to open its doors in January for adults with multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities and severe autism.

“In principle, people with intellectual disabilities and people with multiple disabilities have access to daycare. Nevertheless even those in good physical, mental and psychological condition have little access to such services because they require special and personalized care”

Join our action to support Kaptár’ so that they can start this important work as soon and with as much equipment as possible!

What are we raising money for?

The Salt Therapy Room will be one of the most important therapeutic rooms in the daycare center. In addition to its therapeutic effects on the respiratory system, salt therapy has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, helps relieve stress, and helps with concentration and hyperactivity disorders. This Christmas, we want to support ‘Kaptár’ and make their dream of a salt therapy room a reality.

A salt block costs around €5.

But to construct a whole salt wall, hundreds of these blocks will be needed in the daycare center.

Our campaign aims to raise enough funds for at least 200 salt blocks.

How can you help?

Important! Please indicate in the comment box: “FUB”

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