It has always been an essential part of our strategy to inform the German society adequately with an unbiased take on the current political events and issues in Hungary.

The serial, FUB OmU (“Original mit Untertiteln: original with subtitle”), is one project of the working group “Rule of Law and Political Matters in Hungary”. The idea is to edit and share quality video content from Hungary with German subtitles.

Click on the title to watch the first video of the series.

The aim of passing on such topical video material is to deliver our target group first-hand, reliable quality content on Hungarian political actualities created by Hungarian experts. We hope this enables the German audience to gain quality information to continue reflecting and debating on Hungarian political matters in the German society.

The Orbán-cabinet’s COVID-19 crisis management made us create the first insightful and exciting video content in this series. We are thankful for the video material from the very inspiring, critical analysing Team, the Hungarian Partizán.

Thank you for the cooperation:

Video material: Partizán
Editor: Benjamin Sivó
Translator: Melinda Kovács-Mosbacher