Christmas fundraising action and party –Verschenke Hoffnung statt Konsum!

16/12/2018 | Badehaus Berlin

The German civic association s second events was to collect donations for the Street lawyers (Hungarian ciciv association). In the previous year we decided that instead of buying (often expensive) presents for donation, we collect money and offering the most needed ones. First we were able to collect 500 Euros, and donated to an organisation: The city is everyone s.

In 2018, due to a new law, the homeless people could be penalized because they were on the street. This is one of the most cruel law the Orban government created, therefore we had to fight against this law. Since the Streetlawyers keep fighting for the rights of the homeless people, the donation was offered to them.


Hartyáni Gábor

Se Neka

dj drs (full vocal – radio tilos budapest)